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In fact, in the Victorian language of flowers, giving red tulips to someone means you are declaring your love for that person. This will be perfect love gift for your lover.

Very few people know that Sunflowers also make a great flower bouquet for a proposal. Yes, a bouquet of bright sunflowers is an ideal floral arrangement to brighten your love life. So, if you are wondering how to tell your lover that his or her presence make your life happier then, say it with a bouquet of dwarf sunflowers. According to the Victorian language of flowers, Chrysanthemums are considered as the flowers of friendship. Chrysanthemum is also the most popular flower in the world after Rose. The beautiful Blue Iris is reminiscent of faith and hope.

It has different meanings but when given as a gift to someone, Blue Iris conveys deep sentiments. And, do you know that the root of the Iris is believed to have magical powers just like the power to attract a new lover?

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Thus, a bouquet of beautiful Blue Iris is a perfect floral arrangement to express your deepest emotions to your lover. So, if you are running of new proposal ideas, speak your heart out to your lover in the language of flowers. Do Men Like Flowers? Ways to Celebrate Anniversary While Travelling.

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Skip to main content. Facebook twitter googleplus linkedin rss. Submitted by bambam. Gift Ideas Plants Flowers. Popular Post. Item 5 of total.

Blog category. Item 48 of total. Teachers Day. Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend. Nadia — Hope Nala — Beloved Naomi — Pleasantness Nancy — Grace Natalia — Birthday of the Lord Nell — Mine Nora — Honor Octavia — Born eighth Odette — Wealthy Olivia — Elf army Opal — Refers to the gemstone Paige — Young servant Paisley — Church Pandora — All gifts Patience — Patient Peace — Harmony Pearl — Precious Penny — Flower Phoebe — Radiant Phoenix — Mythical bird Piper — One who plays the pipe Pixie — A sprite Poppy — Flower Primrose — First rose Prudence — Good judgment Quinn — Wisdom Raine — Queen Ramona — Protecting hands Raven — Thieving person Raya — Heaven Regina — Queen Renee — Reborn Renata — Born again River — River Rosa — Rose Rosemary — Dew of the sea Roxy — Dawn Ruby — Precious jewel Saffron — A type of crocus Sahara — Desert Saige — Wise Samantha — Listener Sara — Princess Sasha — Defender of mankind Scarlett — Red Selena — Moon September — Seventh Seraphina — Fiery Serena — Tranquil Shelby — Willow farm Sia — One who brings joy Skye — Sky Sophia — Skilled Star — Star Stella — Star Suki — To love Tabitha — Beauty Tallulah — Lady of abundance Talia — Dew of God Tara — Tower Tatum — Cheerful bringing of joy Taylor — Cutter Teagan — Poet Tessa — Harvester Thora — Thunder Tia — Godly Tori — Triumphant Trinity — Triad Trixy — Happy Uma — Splendor Ursula — Little bear Vanessa — Butterfly Veda — Understanding Velma — Determined protector Venus — Sexual desire Vera — Faith She wants to know if he still fucks her!

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