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Toward the Unknown (1956)

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Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. The aviation story line centers on the testing of the testing of the Gilbert XF fighter, which suffers structural problems. And who will test the rocket powered X-2, designed to fly to the edge of space.

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Jones Karen Steele. Toluca Productions Warner Bros. Can I please take a few minutes of your time to talk about Billiam Franklin Beedle?

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Otherwise known as Billiam Holden or William Holden. I don't know if this makes sense when do I ever , but William Holden always surprises me. And I guess that's a good thing, because he's my favorite actor. I'm not ever used to how good he is, which can't make any sense.

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I am used to it, but he still surprises me. And although I haven't seen many of his films this year, the handful I have only reinforce just how good he was. And this is a film that isn't among his most…. James Garner , who made his film debut on the movie, says director Mervyn LeRoy tried to "whip" him. If he hadn't taken his pills early in the morning, he was nasty.

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Toward the Unknown was produced with the full cooperation of the United States Air Force with principal photography taking place over the winter in As the first film to exploit the USAF's race into space in the X-plane program, the Toward the Unknown ' s tagline stated: "The screen's first story of man-piloted rocket ships, U. Right out of the headlines of the day, Toward the Unknown also dealt with the controversial issue of military personnel undergoing torture and brainwashing, with the marketing campaign exploiting the mental anguish the character felt.

Milburn G. Apt , who died after losing control of the X-2 minutes after becoming the first pilot to exceed Mach 3.

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Holden and Everest, who was acting as the film's "air boss", became close friends during the production. Toward the Unknown was critically reviewed as an example of the "actor-turned-producer fraternity", with screen idol William Holden heavily involved in the production. The film also mirrored the exploits of real-life test pilots such as Chuck Yeager who were the subjects of headlines all over the world. Considered on its merits as a "flying" film that is "well worth seeing", later aviation film reviewers likewise bemoaned the "typical story about personal conflict and a woman's faith that infected all too many flying films.

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It is utterly transparent Cold War propaganda, with delighted displays of military aircraft in action, an eager, anxious glimpse forward to the Space Race, and an interest in human-scale affairs so desultory as to make the machines and the ability to build and fly them seem much more important than the complications and consequences of militarism and war waged Although occasionally shown on television, and screened at the Edwards AFB theater in to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its original premiere, Toward the Unknown was not released in home video until From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Air Force" song often informally called "Off we go into the wild blue yonder" was rewritten from an earlier song and performed for the first time in film in Toward the Unknown. Savage in Twelve O'Clock High. Holotner, head of the Flight Test Center. The pilot, Major James Rudolph, was killed. Retrieved: November 13, Retrieved: December 28,